About Al Nadeem Diesel

We are the largest distributor of Fuel and Diesel.

Al Nadeem Diesel Trading LLC is a well-organized company for supplying fuel and diesel in the Middle East, especially in the U.A.E. The company was established in early 1995, and now it is famous for providing solutions for all kinds of energy requirements that range across all business sectors, including shipping, construction, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and the public sector. For many of these business sectors, fuel can be a significant expense, and we know that cost control is an essential part of managing any successful business. Al Nadeem Diesel Trading L.L.C. is an oil distributor that can help you reduce costs by offering you the most competitive prices.

We can supply bulk deliveries of different kinds of diesel throughout the U.A.E. via our own road tankers. We purchase directly from the Middle East’s largest refineries, ensuring an unbroken supply of a first-class product is always available. Our size, independence, and buying power enable us to pass our bulk purchase savings on to our customers while offering a range of flexible payment terms.

Al Nadeem Diesel Trading L.L.C. is blessed with a qualified and experienced team to work in this field. Moreover, Al Nadeem Diesel Trading L.L.C. offers product deliveries without any additional costs like transportation charges, customer charges, etc.
We are able to provide credit facilities to our customers; the product quantity and quality are the first priorities of our business.

We’re committed to helping clients.

Customers are our strength; it is our duty to confirm the smooth and continued working of your costly machinery and engines without any interruptions because of the fuel. We can provide fast fuel delivery throughout the U.A.E., ranging from 205 liter barrels to a full 54000 liter tanker load as per your requirements. Our phone line (+971 6 7433328) is manned 24/7 by an Al Nadeem Diesel Trading LLC member of staff (no call centers or answering phones), so we are able to handle your requirements wherever and whenever
they may be.

We care more about the quantity. It is our duty to confirm that the quantity received by the customers is as mentioned in the product delivery note. We are using international standard methods while calculating the quantity of fuel, and our flow meters are calibrated and sealed by ISO-certified companies only; you can trust the flow meters to get the exact quantity. We are offering a good price while keeping the quantity and quality of the product.

Within the 25 years of our experience in supplying diesel fuel, oils, and related products throughout the U.A.E., we understand the importance of a reliable and consistent service, but at those times when an unforeseen fuel requirement occurs, our out-of-hours and emergency delivery service is second to none.

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Al Nadeem Diesel – Your Trusted Partner

Our Product

Fuel is the lifeblood of engines; therefore, we are responsible to our customers to provide the best quality of fuel for the long life of their machinery and our long relationship with them. We are always careful about the product specification, and we never purchase any kind of waste recycled fuel from the market. The waste recycling product is very cheap and harmful to machinery' and engines. It has a high risk of fire. We are careful about the sulfur content of the product because the high sulfur content is not environmentally friendly.

Our Service

Our Customers Ranging from Sharjah electricity and water authorities requiring bulk deliveries to multiple power stations to smaller customers requiring regular top-ups of smaller tanks or site generators containing approximately 205 liters of diesel, our U.A.E.-wide network of supply locations means that we can offer consistent, reliable supply throughout even the busiest period. For sites requiring regular deliveries, our fuel management services guarantee that your site will never run out of fuel. We are offering on-shore fuel supplies by using our own road tanker wagons. We are using brand new trucks with hydraulic pumping systems (P.T.O.) for smooth, uninterrupted, and immediate supplies.

Our Delivery Service

We always do with prompt timing and punctuality with the supplies to keep the difficulties of our customers with the delay in supplies. Our drivers have good knowledge and experience of fuel supply. They can handle the whole documentation and permissions for the supply. We also provide transport services for petrol products. We have separate tankers for various products, like IFO, Gas oil, and Base oil. A separate department takes responsibility for transportation. The company is known as U.A.E Al Nadeem Diesel Trading LLC.